Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Episode #60: Getting To Know Your Host!

Welcome to What Does It Matter? Podcast!

Episode #60: Getting To Know Your Host!

At the 11th hour, my wonderful listeners and friends sent in questions
via e-mail ( and via the WDIM Hotline ((973) 963-4556)!
What happened is so special, and I'm incredibly thankful!!
Tune in. Tell your friends. Enjoy the real!

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Reel Feels Recovery Fund!

Weather report with Miles of MC Variety Hour!
Stork of Besotted Geek!
Joe from Anchors Media!
Matthew's MCU question!
Drew from Reel Feels asks!!!
More weather and conspiracy theories from Miles!
Super Movie Brothers and Ghostbusters!
Jen Fackler!
Super Listener Chad!
The Phantom Reboot!

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The Brook Reading Podcast
MC Variety Hour
Besotted Geek Podcast
Reel Feels Podcast
Super Movie Bros.
Signal - by Sean Faust
A Guy Named Jayne - by Sean Faust & Mikey Mason
WDIM Podcast Episode 53: Get A Grip!
WDIM Podcast Episode 47: MCU and SPOILERS!
WDIM Podcast Episode 1: The Phantom Reboot!

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"The Gates Of Fallopiah" by Sean Faust. Drums by Edward Faust.
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"Signal" by Sean Faust
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"A Guy Named Jayne" by Sean Faust and Mikey Mason
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Many thanks to Frank from Work/ Life Imbalance podcast for providing his wonderful voice to the intro!

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